The House System (STAR) is divided into four groups names are :

                S             -          SANSKAR GROUP   (YELLOW COLOR)

                          T            -            TIGER  GROUP   (GREEN COLOR)

                                                  A            -            ARJUN   GROUP  ( BLUE COLOR)

                                                  R             -             ROSE    GROUP ( ROSE COLOR)

Sanskar : Sanskar’ purifies feelings, thoughts and actions/deeds and adds momentum of life. Sanskar purifies inner consciousness of the person and makes life meaningful.

Tiger : Like tiger we have powerful in life. We should be very clear for our target of life just like  tiger. We should also have self-confidence and elegance like tiger. 

Arjun :  As Arjun was one of the major heroes of the Indian epic Mahabharata , we should be hero ourselves of our life like Arjun. We should be also strong, skillful, and ready for actions , brilliance , fighting with right motive and have patience in life like Arjun.

Rose:  As rose is symbol of love, soft ,smoothness. We should also have softness , smotthness and have love to all the people and animals on the earth just like rose. We should also spread fragrance like rose all over the world.

Each house has its house captain and perfect who helps in maintaining the discipline, inter-house competitions in curricular and co-curricular activities organized on Saturday activities like Handwriting, Recitation, Debates, Dance & Mono Acting etc. In service and orientation courses for teachers the school has well qualified teachers, many workshops and seminars are arranged to keep their knowledge up to date.