It is this confident freedom to soar and yet not lose touch with terra firma, is what I wish for my students. My wish is in sync with the vision of the school for the students: to nurture healthy, competent, happy children who blossom into sensitive, compassionate & successful adults who can transcend petty personal concerns in the interest of the human race. The school provides holistic education to the students with the aim that the children develop a holistic comprehension of the world in which they live. The aim of education is to liberate the mind of narrow orthodox shackles and allow independent, thinking individuals who contribute substantially to the fabric of the world.

I understand that despite all our efforts, not every child will become an Aryabhatta or Einstein or Chandragupt but when he reaches the end of the road, he should be able to say with pride, "Yes, it was worth it."


May God bless you all with peace and prosperity and reward your noble actions with the unending bliss.


With all my blessings.